Original Equipment Manufacturer

ERKA is a leader in the market for replacement brake pads based in Turkey. Our values are quality, integrity and trust – our foundations for doing business.

We manufacture replacement brake parts to exceed the specifications of the original parts they replace. We are renowned for our innovation in improving quality control and customer service. This defines us as a key OEM supplier in the region.

1. Quick Response Times

We can turn around an order from request to delivery quickly, drawing on our experience and expertise to ensure our products meet customer expectations.

2. Quality Component

When customers work with us on an OEM contract, they are getting a production partner with years of experience producing the specific brake parts they need.

3. Good Customer Service

We provide A solid OEM partnership based on delivering the product and support a partnering company needs, backed up with robust engineering and technology.

4. Warranty

OEM partners receive a manufacturer’s warranty in the unlikely event of any problems or product defects.